Gap Program

Living Hope Counseling Center is committed to helping people receive the counseling they need regardless of their financial resources.  For those clients who are unemployed, uninsured, poorly insured, or otherwise financially disadvantaged, we offer a special funding source to assist with the fees for professional counseling services.    The Gap Program is used to fill the “gap” between the small copay a financial-hardship client is asked to pay and the reduced session fee paid to the counselor.

How it Works

A qualified client will be asked to pay a co-pay between $20 and $55 per session.  The Gap Program will make up the difference between the co-pay and the reduced session fee paid to the counselor.  Sessions allowed under the Gap Program are as follows:

  • $20 fee receives 14 sessions
  • $25 fee receives 16 sessions
  • $30 copay receives 20 sessions
  • $35 copay receives 25 sessions
  • $40 copay receives 33 sessions
  • $45 copay receives 50 sessions
  • $55 copay receives unlimited sessions
Client Eligibility

Clients are eligible for the Gap Program when there is no other direct fee support available (such as family members or a church sponsorship).  A client can request assistance based on hardship when they contact the office to make an appointment.  You will be required to provide proof-of-income with one of the following:   most recent tax return, the past two payroll stubs, most recent W2, and/or any other payments you might received from social security or disability.  You can call the office to request a GAP application.

Gap Funding Provided

Over the past five years, we provided:

  • 2013:  53 clients received 206 Gap sessions
  • 2014:  74 clients received 373 Gap sessions
  • 2015: 117 clients received 693 Gap sessions
  • 2016:  120 clients received 718 Gap sessions
  • 2017: 109 clients received 645 Gap sessions

Total dollars spent from Gap Program fund each year:

  • 2013: $6,032
  • 2014: $8,957
  • 2015: $13,635
  • 2016: $13,373
  • 2017: $14,205
Funding the Gap Program

Each year the number of hardship clients increases.  And this is where we partner with you.  As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we rely on support from generous donors like you to build the Gap Program fund.  Last year we provided assistance to 20% of our clients from the Gap fund.  Our goal continues to be to provide assistance to every client who needs it that comes our way.  We cannot do it alone.  Here’s how your donation can make an impact on the life of one client:

  • A $20 donation can provide up to 5 sessions
  • A $50 donation can provide up to 10 sessions
  • $ 100 donation can provide up to 20 sessions

A modest donation can have a significant impact.  We need your partnership.  Donate Today!

GAP Donors

We are grateful for the generous donations from local businesses and area churches who believe in and support the mission and vision of Living Hope Counseling Center.

Business Donors
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • UTG
  • Zara Collision
Church Donations
  • Auburn Cornerstone Community Church
  • Cherry Hills Church
  • Hope Church
  • First Christian Church Downtown
  • Jacksonville First Christian Church
  • Mt. Pulaski First Christian Church
  • Rochester Christian Church
  • West Side Christian Church