Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 217-698-7150 and dial zero (0).  Our administrative staff will conduct a brief phone assessment and connect you with the counselor on staff that is best suited to meet your needs.  Our administrative staff is knowledgeable in the specialities of each counselor.  You can be confident that they will be able to help you set up your initial appointment.  If we cannot accommodate your needs, we can make a referral to an outside counselor who we feel would provide you with the best care for your situation.

All new clients are asked to contact the office directly to set up an initial appointment.

Your phone call is completely confidential and will be answered directly or returned within 24 hours if a voicemail is left after hours.

Billing Questions

Billing questions can be directed to the administrative staff at

Executive Director

Glynnis Shryock, Executive Director handles all partnership inquiries and general organizational oversight.  She can be reached at 217-698-7150 ext 200 or by email at

Clinical Director

Jill Talavera, Clinical Director handles inquiries regarding  clinical administration and counselor hiring.  She can be reached at 217-698-7150 ext 205 or by email at

Office Manager

Becky Lacy, Office Manager handles all inquiries regarding the day-to-day general operations, hiring administrative staff, financials, and insurance credentialing for counselors.  She can be reached by email at